Thursday, January 12

Grade 8 Language - Novel Study - The Giver

Find the following terms in chapters 11-15, record the page number where you found it as well as the sentence it's in. Then define the term (write out the definition or give a synonym for the word).
torrent, anguished, assuage, hueless, admonition, ominous, sinuous, parched, imploring, camage, vibrance, sceptically, assimilated, chaos, excruciating, daub.

Answer the following questions;
1. How did Jonas's relationship with his friends and family change after he received his assignment?
2. Why did the Community give up the ability to see colour?
3. Why was it important for the community to have a person who could "see beyond"?
4. According to The Giver, why does Jonas have to receive and store memories of pain?
5. Why do you think the author put the memory of war in a separate chapter instead of making it part of another chapter?

These questions and definitions are due tomorrow. They should be complete since you had 3 language periods to work on them on Wednesday, Jan 11th.

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